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These are tips on how to navigate this, as well as other * related websites:


-- Navigation links for the main pages within each site are at the top of every page, directly beneath the site title & above each page title.

-- The link at the upper left of each page, beneath the divider bar  (& likewise, the link at the lower left of each page, above the divider bar ) returns the navigator to the previous or "Home" page.

-- The link at the lower right of each page returns the navigator to the "TOP of [the same] PAGE."

* Exceptions concern the "launch" & home pages of this main site & its sub-sites.

[Contact: Site-Builder@MiLeToP.CoM]

These are log entries on how this website is evolving:

08-10-01: Established the domain name, "Miletop.Com," with a one-page view indicating that it is "To be continued..."
09-24-01: Added a "Password Protected" entry gem for the Family Photos site, set up the 1st page for Family Photos & designed & titled other pages, & reset & changed the look of the "Miletop" counter/stats gem.

10-02-01: Added four more pictures to the "Other Photos" page that were downloaded from the New York Times, concerning the events of 9-11.

10-06-01: Re-adjusted the hit counter & added a "Note" on the "Writings" page, concerning the currently slow development of this web site.

10-16-01: Replaced the "Note" on the "Writings" page with the vignette, "Knoll's End," & added & replaced various photos on the "Photo Updates" page, as well as added another text line to the "Shmual" website.

10-17-01: Corrected the heading in the two-column area of the "Photo Updates" page to accommodate 19" screens.

10-20-01: Registered for a fee-based site builder with ZDNet; as of November 1st, there will no longer be ads at the top of these pages, & the storage capacity will increase from 16 to 25 MB; also, there will be access to on-line training for more enhanced site building capabilities.

11-01-01: This site has been upgraded as specified, above; there are no more ads, & there is a greater capacity for photos & other items; also, the linked site, "SHmual, the REal COol Fool," now has a link to return to the main page of this site.

11-04-01: Scanned, uploaded & added photos to the "Family" web site.

11-16-01: Re-scanned, re-loaded & re-sized photos in the "Family" web site, & added others, for a total of thirty.

12-30-01: Added another story, "The Blind Vigilante," to the Writings page.

02-24-02: Edited the two short story vignettes, "The Blind Vigilante" & "Knoll's End," added a third, "Asleep at the Wheel," & changed the heading for the Contact page.

04-27-02: Added an updated version of "Asleep at the Wheel," & edited the paragraph layout of "The Blind Vigilante" as well as "Knoll's End," along with their headings & introductions.

04-28-02: Replaced the "wave" sound file on the home page, as well as the MP3 download link on the Music & Other Links page, & realligned, added & edited several headings throughout.

05-11-02: In order for the site & corresponding pages to open more quickly, & in anticipation of adding PDF files onto the Writings page for future e-publishing, removed the sound file from the home page, saved all photos to the hard drive as "bitmap" (*.bmp) files, deleted eight of the twelve photos from the Photo Updates page, & removed the entire Other Photos page, which was a memorial to the events of 9-11 that consisted of twenty-nine photos & the caption,  "If this is your message of hate, then you have just damned your cause."

05-13-02: Edited the Contact Miletop link, & several headings & captions on the Writings page, & added several photos with captions back onto the Photo Updates page.

05-19-02: Removed the "password protected" link to the "Family & Friends" photo web site, along with its paragraph of
explanation, on the home page, as a means to further streamlining this site for future e-publications.

05-21-02: Realligned the links at the bottom of the home page.

05-25-02: All text & headings were corrupted, & the site builder provider was contacted; in the mean time, some minor adjustments have been made to the headings & text.

06-06-02: After conferring with the site builder provider, the apparent "corruption" of the text was found to be limited to the viewer's monotor & is resolved by going to Internet Explorer, View, Text Size & then changing to a larger setting.

06-09-02: Added the text "tail" which reads, "MILEHighMountainTOP," to the cursor while viewing the home page.

06-30-02: Added animated cursors to all pages, with individualized text "tails," standardized their "gem" locations at the top of each page, & changed the headings & link names of two pages, from Music & Other Links to Links to Ponder, & Contact MILETOP to E-Mail Contact.

08-30-02: Re-ordered the stories on the Writings page, edited "Knoll's End" & replaced it with a(n) HTML version, edited all three headings, & added all links at the bottom of the page with that of the current page emboldened.

09-01-02: Returned the Other Photos page, in remembrance of the 9/11 events, for the next several weeks, with links adjusted accordingly, reduced the size of the home page for ease of reference, with a white border around the mountain photo, which has also been reduced in size.

09-19-02: Removed the Other  Photos (9/11) page, & deleted Shmual the Real-Cool Fool site, along with related links, added links to all pages at the bottom of each page, with the current page link larger in size & bold, & removed animated cursers from each page.

09-24-02: Framed, centered, moved & reduced the four large photos that were located below the main lower border on the Photo Updates page, linked them to their largest sizes, & relocated the captions as part of, rather than adjacent to, each photo.

11-28-02: Removed the links, "Web Log" & "E-Mail Contact" from the navigation bar, as well as from the bottom of all relavent pages, while maintaining links to the above through the "Links" page; also edited the text on the "Photos" page to indicate the process of posting, archiving & enlarging the items displayed.

11-30-02: Deleted all non-essential pictures from the Photo Gallery, & standardized all text & picture specs throughout the site.

12-08-02: Completed a major revamping of MILE High Mountain TOP as well as Family Members, Friends & Special Events , with consistent layouts, new customizable designs, & distinguishing background colors, as well as added a link to a future, yet-to-be-designated site, all of which are now ready to receive content on a regular basis.

12-12-02: Set up the above two sites to receive content, & also have two other sites, Photo ARCHIVE & Writing ARCHIVE, that are ready & linked.

12-25-02: Reset the hit counters back to one, from 370-plus, on Christmas day, after adding a web gem onto the Links page, which is a search engine through Updated!

01-12-03: Added a "web gem" to function as a password-protected link to the personal website, Family Members, Friends & Special Events.

01-22-03: Completed the addition of over 100 links on the Links page, & changed the Web Log page title to Website Log & Navigation Tips, which is now linked from the lower right of the main "launch" site title page of MILE High Mountain TOP, rather than from the Links page, & made commensurate content additions.

01-25-03: Made the three main pages, Photos, Writings & Links, of the main "launch" site uniform so that, like their "launch" site title page of MILE High Mountain TOP, their content can be viewed without scrolling.

01-30-03: Redirected "Return" links on the three "secondary" websites, & readjusted links in all websites that include the ampersand symbol, "&," as an apparent "upgrade" by ZDNet caused these links either to be non-functional or appear to be corrupted by code that otherwise should not be apparent.

01-31-03: Replaced the "Updated!" search link with that of "TrafficSwarm," which is much smaller & more generic, without obtrusive sublinks.

02-02-03: In honor of Punxsutawney Phil, who reportedly saw his shadow today, the essay, "The Full Effect of the Mirror," was added to the Writing ARCHIVE site.

02-08-03: Edited the specs for "Navigation Tips" for greater clarity, & changed the personal photos website title to Family Photo Album, with two of the related page titles modified to, Family Relations, & Friends & Neighbors, as well as removed the sub-category pages, People, & Critters from the previously titled Friends page.

03-25-03: Added the slogan, "(...not just an "altitude" anymore!)," to the title page, MILE High Mountain TOP.

04-18-03: Placed the (above) slogan by itself, above the explanatory text & photo, & adjusted the size of both texts to balance with the overall content of the title page; also added the remainder of the photos, taken by others, to the Family Photo Album site (with those of the sitebuilder alone, as well as self portraits & those of family members taken by the sitebuilder, to be added selectively at a later date); once those that have been added have been viewed by family members, who have been given their own personal user names & passwords, & they have had the opportunity to download &/or add to them, the Family Photo Album site may either be established as a separate entity or otherwise edited, or even removed altogether, thus allowing the Photo ARCHIVE & the Writing ARCHIVE sites to expand accordingly.

06-21-03: According to the criteria as outlined above, access to the Family Photo Album site is being restricted to the sitebuilder, with its "Password Gate" removed from the Links page, the "Hit Counter" has been replaced by the "web gem" entitled, "Last Updated...," & its photos will be edited out with the subsequent available space allocated to the two ARCHIVE sites; also added the "Last Updated..." web gem to the two ARCHIVE sites, added to the Writing ARCHIVE site the latest published letter to the editorial page of a local newspaper, & reset the "Hit Counter" to "zero" on the title page of the main "launch" site.

06-22-03: Added the copyright clause, "All content, unless otherwise specified, is that of Miletop.Com with copy rights under all relevant U.S. & international laws.," to the title page of the main site, below the top divider bar, & to those of the related "sub-sites" -- i.e., the two (Photo & Writing) ARCHIVE sites & the Family Photo Album site -- below the bottom divider bars, plus attributed credits for all other content where relevant.

07-20-03: Deleted BraveNet's counter/visitor stats web "gem" after the company "upgraded" their site (& subsequently downgraded the quality of their "freeware" item); replaced it with a "date stamp" item, which is just above the "last updated" item, that indicates the current date when the site is visited; on all of the sub-sites' title pages, moved the "copyright" line to below the top divider bars, removed the "back" links that were to the left & below the lower divider bars & replaced them with the "last updated" items that were elsewhere, & added the "date stamp" item to the Family Photo Album site.

07-26-03: Reset the "back" links on the title pages of the Photo & Writing ARCHIVE(s) so that the visitor is returned to the respective page on the "launch" site, as well as replaced the lower right links, that returned the visitor to the top of the same page, with those that take the visitor to the Index pages with the phrase, "Find Specific Items through the [Photo / Writing] Index."

07-30-03: Reduced the size of all "back" links on all pages of all of the sites, & enlarged the links to the subsites, Photo ARCHIVE & Writing ARCHIVE, on their respective "launch" pages.

09-06-03: Reduced the size of the photo & some of the text on the title page in order to minimize the need to scroll, as well as to improve overall readability.

09-09-03: Added a web gem time reminder, "It's after...," at the top of the Links page.

09-28-03: Edited the "It's after..." web gem, & removed several web site links that either are no longer valid or are otherwise not all that useful.

10-05-03: Other than for the category, References & Research, as well as for those categories whose items therein will be moved elsewhere, all categories have had their links limited to no more than twelve, & the web gem "It's later than...", has been removed altogether.
10-11-03: Moved the links that exceeded ten in each category to the "All Other" area for further review, to be revised, deleted & reassigned accordingly.

10-24-03: Moved the copyright statement to below the bottom border bar for the main launch site title page as well as those of the Archive subsites.

10-30-03: Reduced the size of the photographs on the Photos & Writings pages, as well as that of the slogan on the title page of the launch site.

10-31-03: Condensed the lines of the navigation tips on the Website Log & Navigation Tips page, stylized the email link with alternating caps & lower case letters, which was copied onto the Links page, & then, in order to compose the spacing evenly among the various items, changed the links category title, "ALTERNATE (ALL OTHER):," to be read on two lines as, "ALTERNATE / ALL OTHER (Not Listed Elsewhere):."

11-02-03: Removed the "TrafficSwarm" search gem from the Links page, added spacing between the two lines of the heading, "ALTERNATE / ALL OTHER (Not Listed Elsewhere):," & added a "guestbook" gem above the email link to the sitebuilder as a temporary "filler" in lieu of a photo.

11-07-03: Added a tempory clipart item until a photo is available to replace it on the Links page, & removed the guestbook gem as well as the email link.

11-09-03: Closed up the spacing between the lines & photos on the Photos & Writings "launch pages," which link to their respective ARCHIVE subsites, & replaced the clipart item on the Links page with a new photo .

11-15-03: Removed the frames from all pictures & edited & adjusted the relevant text to fit accordingly, changed the title of one of the Photo ARCHIVE pages  from, Special Events & Other Activities to, All Shapes, Sizes & Special Events, in order to accommodate abstract photos & designs, changed the copyright statement on the main & sub sites to read, "All content, unless specified otherwise, is that of MiLeToP.CoM, with copy rights under all relevant U.S. & international  laws," reset all three statements in bold typeface, stylized the title & all links for MiLe High Mountain ToP, & redesigned all aspects of the title page of the Family Photo Album site to conform to those of the title pages of the other three sites.

11-16-03: Edited & relocated many of the links, without the restrictions as outlined above, & added a number of others, currently providing access to over 100 active websites, as well as renamed the category, WRITING, to WRITING TECHNIQUES & RESOURCES.

11-22-03: Added & rearranged several links & photos on the main "launch" & Photo ARCHIVE sites, & resized & removed the frames on all of the pictures on all of the sites.

[ * * * NOTE: From here-on, only design & structural changes will be logged; therefore, whenever the "Last Updated" date & time item has changed without a corresponding log entry, only simple routine maintenance changes such as photos, writings & links additions, deletions & rearrangements have occurred. * * * ]

11-23-03: Placed the "PasswordGate" item on the All Other Photos page of the Photo ARCHIVE site, linking it to the Family Photo Album site, with a return link back to the All Other Photos page.

12-4-03: Renamed the page, All Shapes, Sizes & Special Events to, Special Shapes, Situations & Events, on the Photo ARCHIVE site, as significant additions are finally commencing after a long hiatus due to a number of technical & logistical difficulties that are currently resolved.

12-7-03: Revised the introductory text of the main launch site from, "This site takes you to photos, writings, links & anything else that flies my kite" to, ", writings, & links to anything else that flies your kite."

12-14-03: Returned the site visit counter, this time to the bottom of the Website Log & Navigation Tips page rather than the title page, along with the caption, "Thanks for visiting. Stay tuned..." which is from the last portion of the introductory paragraph.

12-25-03: Replaced the free (but otherwise limited) site visit counter with the more somber "Iraqi Body Count" add-on & link, albeit without a site visit counter function, that tallies information on civilian casualties from a panopoly of news sources. 

12-26-03: Extended the name of one of the categories on the Links page to, MUSIC, LEISURE & ENTERTAINMENT, in order to accommodate links such as those to magazines that are more encompassing than providing information on music & entertainment alone &,  for a greater clarity as well as a more "stylized" appearance, added a hyphen to the "High-Mountain" portion of the main site title as well as to all relevant links back to the site's title page.

12-28-03: Removed the Iraq Body Count meter (since the information is readily available via the link under the category, Public Policy & Education), moved the caption, "Thanks for visiting. Stay tuned..." from the Website Log & Navigation Tips page to the lower right portion of the Links page, & added a new visit counter, which is much less obtrusive than the one previoulsy used, on the opposite lower left portion of the page.

01-02-04: Changed the shade of the color of the text for the caption, "Thanks for visiting. Stay tuned..." on the Links page to match that of the new SiteMeter visit counter.

[ * * * NOTE: The entries for this current year, as well as for those years that follow, are to be separated by different "Edit text" fields for their respective years in order to more easily manage new additions without undue scrolling & reloading once they have been entered. * * * ]

01-04-04: Fined-tuned the Links page, which currently offers 170+ resources, & revised two of the category headings, with the first expanded from reading, "WEB & TECH:" to, "WEBSITE DESIGN & TECHNICAL RESOURCES:" & the second, "X, Y, Z'O NUTHIN' ELSE FLIES Y'UR KITE:" to include, "(Shop, Search & Journey Elsewhere):" in order to more accurately reflect this final category's overall, all-inclusive search-engine & general shopping characteristics.

01-17-04: Removed the lines, "Thanks for visiting. Stay tuned..." as well as the SiteMeter counter from the bottom of the Links page, & moved the latter to the title page, just above the date stamp.

01-18-04: Replaced the simpler HTML code of the SiteMeter visit counter with the more complex JAVA script code in order to access more comprehensive tracking information, but with the sacrifice of not having the counter being seen on "framed" brousers such as AOL's & CompuServe's, & so the text & picture sizes on the title page were adjusted to accommodate a balance between both scenarios.

01-25-04: The capabilities of JAVA script of the SiteMeter visit counter were replaced by returning the HTML code since, although not having the counter seen on "framed" brousers is of a minimal concern, it was discovered that visits from these sources also are not registered, & thus the trade-off of more comprehensive tracking information being made available by the JAVA script is overshadowed by the need to count all unique visits to the site as is satisfied by the use of the HTML script, & the Links page photo was enlarged slightly in order to balance the layout among various-sized window views.

02-09-04: Added the line, below the right-hand paragraph of the Writings page of the main launch site, that reads, "[Review essays, short stories & much more in the Writing ARCHIVE.]," in order to indicate that the aforementioned text is a sampling of the items linked therein.

02-16-04: Renamed two of the categories on the Links page from, "Public Policy & Education," &, "References & Research," to, "Public Issues, Policies & Opinion," &, "Research References & Education," respectively, & relocated the links accordingly. 

02-20-04: Combined two of the categories on the Links page, "Science & Nature," &, "Research References & Education," into the latter, renamed it as, "References, Research & Education," rearranged the links accordingly, & relocated several environmental policy links elsewhere.

02-22-04: Created  pages that are accessed through the Links page of the main "launch" site, based on nine of the ten categories of links, renamed all of them except, "Writing Techniques & Resources," combined the category, "Photography & Visual Arts," with one that was renamed to read, "Music / Photography / Entertainment," moved all of the relavent links to their respective pages, & added "(Home)" & "(TOP of PAGE)" to all of the relavent "back/return" links on all of the "launch" site & Links (sub-site) pages.

02-23-04: As above concerning the "launch" site & Links (sub-site) pages, added "(Home)" & "(TOP of PAGE)" to all of the relavent "back/return" links on all of the pages of the Photo & Writing (ARCHIVE) sub-sites, as well as those of the Family Photo Album sub-site, & revised the (above) navigation tips accordingly.

03-03-04: Consolidated six of the photo pages of the Photo ARCHIVE site into four so that they are all accessed from the home page, renamed "Critters" to "Pets & Other Critters," removed the "People" & "All Other Photos" pages, placing any photos of people onto the newly renamed page, "Special Items, Shapes & Situations," changed all of the relavent back/return links accordingly, & placed the password-gate gem, which accesses the Family Photo Album site,  onto the home page above the links to the aforementioned pages.  

03-04-04: Realligned the links to the pages of writings on the home page of the Writing ARCHIVE site, renamed to page, "All Other Writings," to "Interviews & Speeches," added the adjective, "Selected" to the subsequent two page titles for "Interviews" & "Speeches," changed all of the relavent back/return links accordingly &, on the home page of the main "launch" site, changed from brick red to red-orange the shade of the slogan, "( . . . not just an "altitude" anymore! )," which now matches that of several items on subsequent pages of the same site, including  the site titles, as shown above on this current page.

03-07-04: All photos from here on, other than those of the password-protected Family Photo Album website, display enlargements with an apparent lower resolution than their sharper "thumbnail" or smaller-sized counterparts.

03-14-04: Returned the password-gate gem, which accesses the Family Photo Album site, to the "all other" page, "Special Items, Shapes & Situations," of the Photo ARCHIVE site, so that both of the (Photo & Writing) ARCHIVE sites' home pages appear with similar layouts, made distinctive only by their respective color schemes & specific content.

03-17-04: Renamed the category links on the Links page, as well as the relavent page titles & back/return links, from, "MUSIC / PHOTOGRAPHY / ENTERTAINMENT," &, "RESEARCH / EDUCATIONAL REFERENCES," to, "LEISURE, MUSIC & PHOTOGRAPHY," &, "RESEARCH TOOLS & REFERENCES," respectively.

07-07-04: Moved & renamed on the Links page the category, "RESEARCH TOOLS & REFERENCES," to "GENERAL REFERENCES & RESEARCH TOOLS," as well as renamed the relavent page titles & back/return links.

8-28-04: Changed the page title of "Friends & Neighbors" to "Other Close Relations" on the Family Photo Album website & established a third category entitled, "Special Occasions," to include both formal & informal matters, as well as special situations & remembrances & any final items of special interest.

09-06-04: Added two new pages, "Journal Entries," & "All Other Writings," to the Writing ARCHIVE site, which are accessed from the home page,  moved the links to the pages, "Songs & Poems," & "Interviews & Speechs" to the latter new page, adjusted all back links accordingly &, on all sites, removed the portion, "Return to:" from all back links, save for those on the home pages of the three "sub-sites," & also, for all sites with pages that are not linked via each site's title bar,  changed the text of those pages' titles from bold to italic.

09-16-04: Replaced the page, "Journal Entries," with that of,  "Photo Journals," first, in order to keep the former from being compromised by the possibility of publication, & second, to preserve the items presented in the latter that otherwise would have been replaced by newer ones.

09-22-04: Added the SiteMeter counter (for code s13) to every page of this site & of both ARCHIVE sub-sites, as well as the title page of the Family Photo Album sub-site, this latter one as of 9-1-04, with a separate one (for code s16) remaining on the title page of this main "launch" site.

10-03-04: Changed the page title, "Other Close Relations," to "Close to Home" on the Family Photo Album site to encompass photos of personal dwellings as well as of close friends & neighbors, & on the Photo ARCHIVES site, changed the page title, "Architectural Studies & Cityscapes," to"Skylines, Buildings & Landscapes."

11-19-04: Moved & renamed on the Links page the category, "GENERAL REFERENCES & RESEARCH TOOLS," to "REFERENCES & RESEARCH TOOLS," as well as renamed the relavent page titles & back/return links, reordered several links on the Writing ARCHIVE site & added the short story, Storms of Passage: Independence Day, to the All Other Short Stories page.

12-11-04: Darkened on the main site's home page the shade of the slogan, "( . . . not just an "altitude" anymore! )," to match that of the heading, added to the last portion of the descriptive paragragh a link ("Stay tuned...") to a new page, "Site Map / Staying in Tune," that shows an overview of the links to all of the pages for this main site & its subsites, with the exception of those of the privately-accessed Family Photo Album, & on the ARCHIVE subsites moved the category page links from their respective home pages to their index pages.

12-18-04: Removed the page & links to, "ALTERNATE / ALL OTHER LINKS (Not Listed Elsewhere)," distributed it's contents to other categories, &  relocated  & renamed the category, "NUTRITION, WELLNESS & RENEWAL," to "WELLNESS, NUTRITION & RENEWAL."

12-19-04: Added, in addition to the main site's & the sub-sites' home pages, the copyright statement to all of the pages of all of the main "launch" site as well as to all of those on both "ARCHIVE" sub-sites, but excluding, other than its home page, those of the Family Photo Album sub-site, since the majority of its content -- family photos -- originate from others &, additionally, the sub-site is maintained with a secure private access web gem.

12-27-04: On the Writing ARCHIVE sub-site, changed the page titles & related links of: All Other Issues; All Other Short Stories; &, All Other Writings, to: Other Matters; Other Stories; &, Other Writings; on the Site Map page of the main "launch" site,  changed all of the "mapped" links so that they open in other windows, along with the caption, "The following links will take you elsewhere, leaving this current window open until you close it," & relocated the e-mail link to the "SiteBuilder" from the Links page to that of, Website Log & Navigation Tips.

01-17-05: Added, on the Links page of the main "launch site," a search engine to all of this site's pages, linked by descriptive phrases & key words.
04-11-05: Changed the layout of the home page of the main "launch" site to show a smaller picture, with the site's slogan above it, rather than centered below the main divider bar, also separated from the introductory paragraph the lines, "Thanks for visiting. Stay tuned..." &, on the Site Map page as well as the Special Items, Shapes & Situations page of the Photo Journal subsite, edited the message under the "passward gate" to the Family Photo Album subsite.
02-23-06:This is the first entry of the year, & notes that Interland is the new site builder host, with most of the technical functions appearing to be the same, & so hopefully the business relationship will remain relatively seemless.

07-05-07: [The direct link to this site, , reflects that Web.Com, "powered by Interland technology," is the actual web host/site builder for MiLe High-Mountain ToP , which is accessed via the redirected link, .] Renamed the categories, "Site Map / Staying in Tune," & "X,Y, Z'O GO (Shop, Search & Journey) ALREADY!," along with their relevant links, to "Stay tuned...Site Map," & "X,Y, Z'O GO (...browse...) ALREADY!."

11-16-07: From the home page of this site, deleted the term, "links to," from the introductory line so that it now reads, "This site takes you to photos, writings & anything else that flies your kite."

08-15-08: The direct link to this site, which is accessed via the redirected link, , has been changed once again to, , versus, , & is due to the fact that, according to the provider,, "major search engines have made significant changes to the way they index submitted websites...with sub-domains [ such as, which ]...are being ranked with other similar sub-domain based websites   [ which ] affecting & its customers," & so, despite the company's vagueness with regards to how they & its customers are being affected, the redirection function through the domain name provider, NameSecure, has been changed accordingly.

08-28-11: During this month of the tenth anniversary of this site, much of the content throughout is being updated, including a change of the latter portion of the copyright statement from, "...with copy rights under all relevant U.S. & international laws," to now read, "...with all relevant U.S. & international copy rights reserved," & set all in 8-pt. Verdana with changes & additions to all pages of the main site & of its sub-sites, as well as added a new page to the Photo ARCHIVE site entitled, Newing-SUNY-B-'87-'89 to share those particular items with all relevant current & former students, staff & faculty.

11-18-11: After more than ten years building within this format, the current web site host, Web.Com, has gradually increased the rates & restricted the payment options, & just recently hiked the "monthly" (every 28 days) subscription rate by nearly 300%, & so the content of this & other related sub-sites will be migrated to another web host, TBA, & the format may be changed accordingly as different templates will be available; Surely, in the long run, this is good news as, while at first it was OK when it was ZDNet, even as Interland but, once Web.Com had taken over for Interland,  the site builder experience has been limited at best but, nevertheless, MiLe High-Mountain ToP ( . . . not just an "altitude" anymore! ) will prevail.

11-20-11: Just added a new web site host, again. as above, TBA, but I did start the main intro.front page, & I will be tweaking along & publishing, once on-board, with the majority of the content uploaded or otherwise transferred from herein.

02-26-12: After first signing up with BraveNet to provide site builder capabilities, the limitations of template choices have led to switching over to their web hosting service, along with the subsequent purchase of MicroSoft Expression Web 4 Pro in order to build the site from scratch, if necessary; however, by adapting from this current site's source code in order to preserve the look & feel as much as possible &, for now at least, maintaining the domain name registration with NameSecure, the process of shutting down this web site will commence until a newer one emerges from the ashes.

03-19-12: The Web.Com account has been cancelled &, four whole months since the need arose to move on after much back-&-forth, the first aspects of this web site, MiLe High-Mountain ToP ( . . . not just an 'altitude' anymore! ) have been published on this date at 12:58 PM EST, the college site builder of the new link to the page, Newing-SUNY-B-'87-'89, has been notified accordingly &, over the coming weeks & months, the various links will be tweaked along with many other pages & photographs added, eventually, the web site host's offer of free subsites for other matters will be utilized as well.

05-21-12: After much PC down-time, this site & its subsites, save for the Family Archive, are up & running with the pages & relevant links to one another properly activated, the photos, however, are yet to be inserted, although the main page photo as well as all of those on the Newing-SUNY-B-'87-'89 site are inserted as thumbnails that are linked to their larger counterparts, & the college site builder has been duely notified & provided with an updated link, with the remaining photos & numerous external links as well as any other necessary & miscellaneous tweaking to continue over the next several weeks & months.

5-27-12: Finally, the Newing-SUNY-B-'87-'89 site is fully functional, & the rest of this site will be updated accordingly, as above.

06-03-12: The most reliable technique being used currently to import & insert images is to convert *.bmp's to *.jpg's via MS Paint, list them in Windows Explorer by type, & then isolate them in a temp/hold folder before importing them by category to their respective folders in MS Expression Web 4, where they are inserted into the Design view portion of the work space by dragging each one individually from the folder list panel &, once it appears in full size, converting it to an Auto Thumbnail that links to the original, & then customizing the thumbnail image accordingly; while this is a tedious process to say the least, once the Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) functions are mastered, any additional images & styles will be inserted more uniformly by those means throughout.

03-20-16: While there appears, since 6-3-12, to be a very long gap in entries to this log, a number of them unfortunately have been lost while moving virtually tons of files & data to a new PC & so, in the interest of continuity, the following is a synopsis of some of the most essential changes that have occurred up to now:

1) Returned  the term, "links to," after deleting it from the introductory line of the home page of this site on 11-16-07, so that it now reads, "This site takes you to photos, writings & links to anything else that flies your kite," & added the hyperlinks to their respective pages;

2) Several stat-counters were tried & then replaced due to an exorbitant amount of spam being sent to the Site-Builder email address, but fortunately the web host provides one that is readily usable with some very comprehensive stats to-boot;

3) The portion of the copyright statement, "U.S. & international copy rights," has been changed to include first letter caps on this as well as the main home page, to be replicated onto all of the pages once the CSS function is utilized;

4) All failed links to-date have been removed or replaced, some of which resulted from visitor emails with suggestions for alternative & other links;

5) The pixel width on this page has been increased, with more utilization needed in order to maximize screen width for the various platforms available, as this layout & design is preferable to the various template designs, at least for now, as it has been used throughout the nearly fifteen years since the creation of this site via other providers, & also has been useful in learning to transfer & utilize the multiple codes from one venue to the next.


10-30-17: Feedback has been helpful concerning broken or discontinued links, & visitors have also suggested many relevant & useful links that have been added accordingly & so, in order to encourage further feedback & suggestions, the email link for Site-Builder@MiLeToP.CoM has been added at the end of each of the Links pages as well as the Home & Site Map pages &, as above, this current page.

01-14-18: Removed the provider-inactivated search tool below the photo on the Links page & replaced it with a link to "Search" by returning to the Home page, else "[...or browse by the following categories...]."

12-27-18: Changed heading & related links of "NEWS & CURRENT INFORMATION" to "CURRENT NEWS, TIME & WEATHER."

All content, unless specified otherwise, is that of MiLeToP.CoM, with all relevant U.S. & International Copy Rights reserved.