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A-Z Chords (...& Tabs Database)

All Music Guide

American Film Institute

American Museum of Photography

Association for Cultural Equity (founded by Alan Lomax)

Bob Dylan (News & Views)

Comics (Funnies & Editorials)

Everlasting Blort (What "really matters")

Fandango (Movie Sites & Theater Showtimes)

Gibson Guitar Lessons (w/Arlen Roth)  

Grateful Dead

Guitar Chord Generator

Guitar Education Resource Guide

Guitar Room (Chord-finder)

Guitar Tab Creator

Guitar Tab Universe

HarpTab (Harmonica Tablature for Hundreds of Songs)

IMDb (Internet Movie Database)

Jokes Gallery

Munson-Williams-Proctor Arts Institute

Notes from the Road (Travels in City & Country)

PBase ("Host & share your photos")

PictureStock (Photo Sales Service)

Ragdoll in Freefall

Rainbow Family of Living Light ("...warriors of the Rainbow")

Robert Johnson Blues Foundation

Rock & Roll (Hall of Fame & Museum)

Rock Lyrics

Rolling Stone Magazine

Shortwave Listening Guide

Smithsonian Folkways Recordings (Non-profit Archives)

SongFacts (...Meanings, Lyrics and Trivia)


TV Guide

Timothy Leary "Lives!"

YouTube ("Broadcast Yourself")

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MiLe High-Mountain ToP / Links


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